Preparation for Christmas: Christian Aid and Fairtrade

Christian Aid

The Present Aid Catalogues are now available showing virtual presents which may be purchased to support different aspects of the work of Christian Aid (water and sanitation, education, medicine, agriculture …) Prices range from £9 (antibiotics or cocoa plants) to £187 (a cow!) and gifts include clean water, fruit trees, a bee-hive and items for school. Presents may be ordered by post, phone or online and you will receive a gift card.


The Traidcraft Christmas Catalogues are also available. They show a range of Advent Calendars and Christmas Cards; and a selection of crafts and food items which include chocolates, cookies, Christmas Tree biscuits, iced fruit cakes, nuts, sweets and olive oil. If you would like to make an order, please let me know as it will then be postage-free.

I will leave catalogues of both kinds in Church over the next few weeks. Please help yourself. I will also leave a selection of cards in Church, some with 10% off!

01772 613500