Worship at Home

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I will be adding materials week by week. This week there is the Prayer and Worship at Home text, and the Collect, the Gospel and a short reflection for the week.

With God's blessings

Sunday 28th February
Second Sunday of Lent
Prayer and Worship at Home

Collect, Readings and Reflection
Finding Your Heart Space
A Meditation from the Wild Goose Worship Group based at Iona
Praying at Home
Prayers for the end of life

Morning Prayer

Mid-Day Prayer

Evening Prayer

Night Prayer
Material for Young People
LOOK 28th February

Communion Wheel

Children's Stuck at Home videos

The documents in the links above are best viewed on a computer or tablet rather than on a mobile phone. They can also be printed. If anyone has any problems accessing the documents please email feedback@longtonstandrew.org and we will do our best to help.