The love of God extends over the whole of creation.  It is the firm Christian belief that every life is precious to God.  As Christians, we believe that there is hope in death as in life, and that after death there is the Easter promise of new life in Christ.

Whatever the circumstances may be, the death of a loved one is immensley painful.  Even those with the strongest belief in the resurrection will experience a sense of loss that is very real.  Those who mourn need the utmost sensitivity, support and consolation.  Each of us will have had our own experiences of the life and death of those we have loved, each with our own memories of love, grief and respect.

In a funeral service, we come to express our feelings as we gather to pay our respects and to say farewell.  We gather to remember our loved one before God, to give thanks for their life, to commend them to God’s infinite mercy, and to comfort one another in our grief.

A funeral service may take place in church, in a cemetery or in a crematorium. To arrange the funeral service of a loved one please contact your local funeral director.

Funerals FAQs

Can I reserve a plot in St Andrew’s churchyard?2024-02-09T12:49:57+00:00

Unfortunately we are unable to reserve plots. However, we have plenty of space for burials at the present time and will do for a number of years to come.

Can I discuss my funeral in advance?2024-02-09T12:49:37+00:00

You may wish to discuss funeral arrangements with a member of clergy in advance. If you would like to talk one of us please get in touch and we will be happy to chat in person or the phone.

How do I plan a funeral service?2024-02-26T15:18:55+00:00

At St Andrew’s we offer a flexible approach to funeral services and are very willing to accommodate the wishes of the deceased and their families. There may be some things we are unable to do in church, but we always try our best to help. If you are unsure what happens at a funeral you can visit the Church of England website here. You will find lots of helpful tips and ideas. 

How do I book a funeral at St Andrew’s?2024-02-09T12:48:28+00:00

Funerals are booked through a Funeral Director who will handle the details of the service. Once this is in place a member of clergy will be in touch to discuss the arrangements and come and visit. 

How much does a funeral cost?2024-02-26T15:19:27+00:00

Funeral fees are set by the Church of England every year. You can find this year’s fees here. In addition there are a couple of things which we charge for as a parish, for example organ and verger fees. For more details please get in touch.

For more details you can visit the Life Events section Church of England’s website here.

You can find more details concerning churchyard regulations in Blackburn Diocese here.

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